Michael Stagar, MBA, CPA, CITRMS®, CPHIMS, CFE
Fraud Prevention, Detection, Deterrence, & Investigations
          Advanced Statistical Analysis & IT Forensics
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We are committed to providing you with the necessary and cost effective reporting and analysis of financial fraud investigations, analysis, evaluation, with root cause analysis for your legal staff.  We use the latest technologies, as well as hands on operational interviewing, staff training, and undercover operations.


With over 36 years of Public Accounting and Fraud Examinations and analysis, Michael Stagar and his associates provides their clientele's legal staff with significant detection, deterrence, and prevention against fraud, waste, and abuse for business, non-profit, and governmental entities.

Prevention begins with training.

Deterrence begins with internal control.

Detection begins with monitoring.

Investigation begins with a tip line and an ear to active listening.

Michael Stagar, MBA, CPA, CITRMS®, CPHIMS, CFE
3300 Pearl Rd., Bldg.Medina, OH 44256
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In April, 2006 the FBI officially recognized CFE designation as 'critical skill set' when hiring special agents under the Diversified Special Agent Hiring Subprogram. "We appreciate the value of the CFE," says Chris Swecker, assistant director for the Criminal Investigative Division of the FBI. "In fact, this is the only professional certification that we recognize for the Special Agent program. There is a great need for the Certified Fraud Examiner skill set because it is a sophisticated certification used to unravel very complex schemes," explains Swecker. "Since the CFE skill set cuts across all of our disciplines we can place a CFE in any area - counter intelligence, cyber financial frauds, terrorism funding - and be confident they will succeed." July/August 2006 ‘Fraud Magazine’ by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

[In addition to the FBI announcement, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that it officially recognizes the CFE credential as stated in the Department of Defense Policy on the Certification for Department of Defense Professional Accounting Positions, (a) Title 10, United States Code (USC), Section 1599d, 3.4.5.]


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